About Me

First thing to know about me, I’m a Jersey Girl…just not in the usual, stereotypical way.  I don’t have 3″ nails, I don’t wear stillettos, I actually pronounce “TH” sounds the way they should be said.  Then again, my mom was an English teacher!  I’m semi-retired, have a husband of many years, and dear little greyhound that I wish would live forever.  I have friends from my first year at St. Mary’s School in Plainfield, as well as some that I followed to Union Catholic High School in Scotch Plains.  I spend 2 misguided years at college in the Midwest , but came home to graduate from Rutgers University.

But I love NJ.  I love that  can get anywhere 3 different ways; like planes, trains, and automobiles.  I love the mountains, the towns, the quaint villages (yes, they do exist), but most of all, THE SHORE. In all it’s maddening, charming, expensive, tourist-heavy ways.  It’s my home and my heart

And I want you to love it, too.


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