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TomCat62At the advanced age of whatever, my husband and I decided we needed another boat.  This lovely vessel is a TomCat 6.2 21′ catamaran sailboat.  Prior to this we have had, in no particular order:  a Hobie 16, a Hobie Bravo, a Laser, a kayak, a second Hobie 16, and now the TomCat.  After all, no one ever has enough boats.  You always need a smaller, faster, bigger, more powerful, sail, motor boat.  It is like a disease.  So we bought this boat in Massachusetts, sent it to Ontario for retrofit, and then finally shipped it to NJ to her home port.  Along the way, we had to learn the painful process of international customs.  Which is skill I may surely require at another time in my life, right?

There is a lot of work to boats but, somehow, one perfect day is on the water is all you need to be convinced that life can be wonderful in all its imperfection.  After the cleaning, the repairing, the new parts, the upgraded engine, the bottom painting; it all becomes clear…this is the best day EVER!


7 thoughts on “My Boat

  1. The return of spring will bring sailing weather again. Are you thinking of selling your Tomcat sailboat this spring? I thought maybe you’d changed your mind last December. Looking forward to a reply via email. Thanks

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